About Us

Welcome To MAYURI Indian Restaurant

Mayuri Indian Restaurant was established in 2006. Mayuri Herndon is known as one of the Best Indian Restaurants in Herndon Virginia, as we serve the best Indian Food in Herndon, Reston, and Sterling. Mayuri is the Largest Indian buffet which is served in Northern Virginia.

We have a unique recipe specially formulated by our master chefs from India and we are committed to bringing in the exquisite taste of India. We do not compromise on the quality of ingredients used in our menu items or take shortcuts, as we are passionate about serving authentic Indian Food to our customers. At Mayuri Herndon, each recipe is prepared carefully under constant supervision.

This attention to meticulous details is especially important as we want our customers to enjoy, not just well but the best Indian food that is cooked perfectly. Among all the Herndon Indian Restaurants, we always believe in discovering new tastes which always give a new experience to the food lovers. Our passionate team of chefs strives hard to perfect each recipe to make it unique in taste and flavor. If you are searching for the BEST Indian restaurant near Herndon VA then your search ends here!!

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